ASPIRE Series — Code Gakko
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Become the next data scientist with ASPIRE Alpha and Immersion.

In this 2-day intensive workshop, you will learn how data science is applied to many industries, and gain experience using professional tools.

You are eligible if you are a student from the following countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

When & Where

Dates: 11-12 June 2018
Location: Adam Khoo Learning Centre


Students based in Southeast Asia

The Code Gakko ASPIRE Immersion Program is a 10-week course that introduces programming and data science concepts and skills to Polytechnic, Junior College, International Schools and universities students (age range: 17-25 yrs old).

By the end of first half of ASPIRE, students would have learned the theory behind some data science concepts and acquired the skills to implement programs that can process and analyze large datasets.

How Does This Work? 

You will go through 6 weeks of data science training using Python (programming language). You will learn how to manipulate, analyze, predict, classify and visualize data.

After 6 weeks, you will be matched with a company from a list of partners. You will be attached to your chosen company for a guaranteed internship where you will apply what you’ve learnt.

Who, When & Where

Students: Poly/JC/University
Date: May – July 2018
Location: TBC